Once upon a time, some toxic girls wanted to show their anger and affection.
As a result, it was just chaotic.
Several years later, some boyz, wanted to show their mellow side, they called it revenge, but it was just a smooth touch of weird mews.
So now it's time for reconciliation! So boyz and girls, girls and girls, boys and boys,please give us a breath of peace.

Let's Kiss & Make Up (Slow and Fast) OUT NOW (digital version)

Let's Kiss & Make Up Slow

1. Khanh-Linh & Mehdi : Tea-Tea-Tea
2. She Keeps Bees and Sharon Van Etten : Cuddle Alone
3. ii/ Hypo (remix): L'Âge du Microsillon
4. Milkymee: Everyday Routine
5. Depth Affect: Dorothea Land
6. Hypo & EDH featuring Davide Balula : Boca Boca Dub
7. Shannon Funchess and Jessica Boynkin: Ghost Knife
8. Legends : Redwar
9. Davide & Balula : A Thousand Shakes
10. Tim Fite & Danielle Stech Homsy : The Farthest Light
11. Lemonade & Glasser: C-Thru

Let's Kiss & Make Up Fast:

1. Look Look! (Dancing Boys) : Tit Wank
2. Kumisolo & Odot : Tadaima
3. Mochipet (dDamage Remix): Justin Timberlakecore
4. Trotskids on the Block: Pourqwhy a Lapin ?
5. Shady Ladies: Banannas
6. Holy Shit: Running in the Rain
7. Telepathe (Kingdom remix): Chromes On It
8. Tha Pumpsta w/ Derierre : Pretty Fuckin' (Brooklyn)
9. Raoul Sinier & Sylvie Fretet : Transfixed Night
10. Kids Of The Ranch : Make like the Mountain
11. Zoé Wolf & Damien Mingus: Half Naked
12. La Chatte : Idole

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